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17 Apr 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

When I am working alone in the office, I do not meet other people in the office constantly.

I do not watch news constantly.  I realized it was flu season 3 weeks ago when I saw some people around me wearing masks.

When someone was really sick, the black aura was flooding out from some parts of a body.

Hence, I was curious how to determine the black aura is the sign of sickness.

Searching from websites, the meanings of black aura are generally


1)     Negative emotion in this life or from past lives.

2)     Negative entities accumulated in an energy body.

3)     Sickness in part of a body.


Black aura does not mean sickness all the time.

It can be marks left in an energy body after being angry and being sad for a period of time.

Anger, hatred and sadness in past will form black aura in an energy body too.

If the area of black aura is being enlarged continuously, it will affect wellness and healthiness.

Negative emotion attracts entities which will stay in the energy body.


When the black aura is caused by sickness, it is sometime spreading like black smoke.

It is sometimes flowing out of a mouth like pieces of solid black paint continuously.

If the patient is recovering, the black aura will be disappearing.


There are many types of methods to heal a patient who is sick.

If there are entities staying in an energy body, spiritual methods may be applied to heal.

Chanting scriptures such as Diamond Sutra will remove entities.

Chanting names of gods and Buddhas will also work out.

If one believes in gods, Buddhas and scriptures, it will be very effective to chant scriptures and names of divines to remove entities.


If black aura is formed due to negative emotion, practising Qi Gong and Yoga can also help to expel the aura gradually.

Different postures or movement of Qi Gong and Yoga will help to expel black aura in a part of a body.

They are also practical ways to cultivate our mind to become calmer.

Calmness in your mind will cease negative emotion.


If we are calm and relax, subtle energy flows into and out of our bodies smoothly (provided that there are no blockages of energy channels in a body).

All charkas are rotating and moving without stoppages.

Then, we will be healthy.


Nowadays, one is always doing several tasks of different types at one time continuously.

Working with people from different departments and formulating strategies to tackle issues create tensions.

When one is anxious and nervous, one’s energy body is contracting.

Energy blockages will also be generated in heart chakra because of different negative emotions and thoughts.

The energy blockages which are usually black aura will being accumulated in the body and in the energy body.

Fast paces of urban life and work life accelerate the generation of black aura.

Eventually, the energy blockages in different parts of a body turn into different sicknesses.

This will also happen on someone whose has a hole in the energy body.

The cause of a hole in the energy body is getting angry and being said continuously.


Simple life is a way to become healthier.

Several methods introduced in my previous article, Detach From Emotion, can help to remove some energy blockages (black aura).

Activities, which make our bodies touching the nature e.g. walking on lawns with our bare feet, will regulate flow of energy in a body.

Grounding helps to heal our bodies.

Walking Meditation will train our mind to relax.

Being kindness to all people is the source of healthiness - When one is kind to others, he or she does not worry or anxious.


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