Bali Part 2

29 May 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

Since I was enlightened by cosmic energy in 2012 accidentally, I have seen life differently.  There are sometimes meaningful events remaining me what to do to reach my spiritual goal of my life.  The events pass me messages related to any parts of my life too.  I have got a few messages when traveling Bali.


I thought one of the messages appeared in the first sunrise that I saw in Bali.  On the first day of Sun Gazing, I heard “I am gonna fix you….” – this is the song called Fix You by Coldplay.

Spiritual Messages from Bali

“Fix you…”, it is really the only thing that Sun Gazing did on me.   My body has not stopped removing energy which partly might be my negative emotion in the past since traveling Bali.  When the amount of the negative energy removed was massive, eczema was flared up again.  Strangely, the energy of the negative emotion was removed faster when I was recalling my unhappy memories in the past.  It took me about 5 days to smooth the way through visualization and pranic healing techniques.  Then, these 2 methods can be replaced by drinking (Organic) Apple Cider Vinegar as the amount of negative energy removed has been reduced. 


I discover that the negative emotion accumulated in my body as energy blockages.  When the amount of energy blockages is increased, they will stop vital energy flowing into parts of my body.  It may become the main reason why detoxification system in my body worked slowly causing eczema or slow recovery of my injured spine.  Now, the symptom is being relieved as I keep removing the energy of negative emotion out of my body by different means simultaneously.  Meanwhile, to my surprise, the injured spine causes less and less pain when I move now.  It seems it is being further recovered.


I am appreciated the Sun is fixing me at the moment.  The Sun is really a kind of economic and effective cure for me.  I am still improving the healthiness of my body.

Be Persistent in Spiritual Path

If anyone has a right and definite goal for your spiritual life, please be persistent.  It is full of challenges on the way of a spiritual path.  The more your sincerity in achieving selfless spiritual goal, the more the challenges you will face - learning from challenges and tackling them will empower you to become a wholesome person.  This is what I have learnt on 15 May 2016.

At 5:45am on 15 May 2016 in Bali, I prepared to go out to see the 5th sunrise but there was a heavy rain outside.  I was thinking “Shall I give up?  It is raining and I may not see the sunrise…”.   I did not know why but I just kept going out.  I took an umbrella and went out to see the sunrise.  It took me from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to walk from my room in the hotel to Sanur Beach.  Arriving at Sanur Beach, there was no rain!  I was totally surprised.  A blogger who frequently visited Bali said “Don’t worry about the raining season in Bali.  The rain starts and stops quickly.”  She was telling the truth.  Although the sun was rising behind the clouds most of the time, it was very nice.  Every morning, I met one or two tourists on Sanur beach.  We all came to see sunrises.  Dogs and some local people would come to see sunrises too.  However, on 15 May 2016, I saw none of people or dogs on the beach.  Did the rainy day really put those people off?

This is the same situation in my spiritual life.  I have tried different types of spiritual practices and things such as mind cultivation for 2 years or more.  I wanted to transform my life at the beginning and I did not know whether it worked out or not.  On the way, I met people whom supported me and whom trapped me.  I have passed trials one by one – testing related to selfless mind.  About 1 year ago, I was told I would be better afterwards…  I still don’t know the future as I am still tackling health issues and learning to be mindfulless.  At least, I have a steady job now.   At my workplace, people are good and nice to me.  I have plenty of time to find my way out, to learn and to explore.

Never Give Up.  So many events go like this in our lives.  It is full of uncertainties and obstacles at the beginning.  Some will be scared of uncertainties and obstacles.  Some will not overcome issues and leave.  If we persist, we will get what we want.  If we give up, we will think it is impossible to achieve.  There is a ray of hope behind the stormy situation.  We just don’t know that until we have arrived at our destination.  Just like the beautiful sunrise I saw on 15 May 2016.

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