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22 May 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

Because I was traveling Bali between 11 May and 17 May 2016, I stopped publishing blog posts for one week.  Before 11 May 2016, I was busy preparing for this trip.  Therefore, I was publishing one post per week.  Now, I am considering whether to keep writing 2 blog posts or 1 blog post per week.  I need to spend time in studying <<Yoga Sutra of Patanjali>> so I may reduce the number of blog posts I will publish every week.


Purpose of traveling Bali


I chose Bali as a first place to travel after working for my new employer for a year based on intuition.

I was told it was a place radiating high subtle energy.  That means you will feel full of energy if you stay there longer. 

I did not have an ideal why I should go there.   I set a target such as seeing sunrises and sunsets or practising sun gazing in Bali.

Having come back from Bali, I know why I should be there and I will write about it in the latter part of this article.


Karmic Reactions


It was the first time for me to travel Bali and none of my family members went there before.  My parents were worrying about me traveling Bali alone because of bad experiences addressed.  My mother did not want me to go there at all.  My father warned me saying that I must be careful when traveling Bali.  My parents created a kind of non-physical obstacles to stop me from visiting Bali.  They are Karmic reactions for me.  They are obstacles happening especially when the activities are beneficial to my soul.  Usually, I will get over the obstacles and go ahead to do what it is planned.  On the other hand, a friend who constantly goes there saying it is safe to travel around Bali.  She said that I just need to remember to bargain when buying stuff, calling a taxi, etc..  She was the only one who encouraged me to go to Bali.



Bali, Energetic Island


I felt strong subtle energy penetrating my body when landing at Bali.  On the first three days, I had skin rash / eczema. From Day 5 to Day 7 in Bali, I felt subtle energy which was black in colour flowing out of the left chest of my body.  The subtle energy radiating from Bali was strong enough to removing toxic subtle energy out of my body.  I had to put essential oils of Lavender or Peppermint on my tummy to remove excessive toxic subtle energy –


The situation was much toxic subtle energy was flooding out of my body but the energy channels of my body was not big enough.  Therefore, congestion occurred inside my body causing skin rash/ eczema. 


Afterwards, I have discovered that much toxic subtle energy has been accumulated in my energy body.   It was located around my base chakra and my left part of my chest.   I did not know the amount of the toxic subtle energy was huge.   I have known that I felt painful on the left part of my chest when doing meditation at a Christian CentreI was surprised to find out that swelling toxic subtle energy is the subsidiary cause of eczema – Eczema was stopped when I had removed the toxic subtle energy out of my body.  This is the first thing which Bali has taught me…..  Much more toxic subtle energy will be removed if I stay in Bali for longer time.  I have got to back home to work after one week vacation.  However, one day, if I was capable to, I would have gone to Bali for a month or more to remove toxic subtle energy.



Sun Gazing, the cure


I wanted to testify the effects or benefits of gazing sun so I decided to do so in Bali.

I chose a nice resort called Mercure Resort Sanur providing a natural and clean environment located at Sanur Beach.

I woke up before 6 am every morning to see sunrises along the beach.  The followings were how I did Sun Gazing….


1)     Seeing the sunrise without any glasses.

2)     Closing my eyes or watching where sunray was reflected (if the sun was very strong).

3)     Grounding – bare foot standing on the ground, on the beach but not standing on anything which is not conductive e.g. plastic / vinyl.

4)     Doing Earth Mudra – Ring finger touching Thumb – this is to absorb more Earth energy.

5)     Gazing the Sun in one hour from the time the sun had risen to protect our eyes.


I stood there for almost one hour every morning.

At the beginning, my eyes were tearing but it gradually improved after trying several times.

Meanwhile, much more toxic subtle energy was removed out of my body.

On the second day, I felt warm energy inside my belly sometimes.

After I have come back from Bali, I have found out I have fewer thoughts of depressions.

I feel more energized and less fatigue.


Interestingly, toxic subtle energy was still flowing out of my body when I was watching the photos of sunrises or sunsets in Bali.

It will do the same if I visualize the photo of sunrises or sunsets in my mind.

On top of that, much more toxic subtle energy will be removed if I meditate and scan my body with the visualization of sunrises or sunsets in my mind.

The scanning is to feel which part of my body is blocked – when it is blocked, I will feel painful or my mind cannot move around the affected part of my body.

Once the blocked part is discovered, the toxic subtle energy will be flowing out of my body.

Therefore, I am detoxifying my energy body through Sun Gazing anytime and anywhere.

This is the second thing I have learnt through this Bali trip.


I have tried Sun Gazing for 7 successive days.  The result is quite obvious.

Now, I will try to see the Sunsets or Sunrises in my home town as many times as possible.

The purpose of Bali trip is to remind me to cleanse my energy body.

In this Bali trip, I have found methods which are slightly modified to keep cleansing my energy body wherever I am.

I was told that I shall keep doing any practices which change the status of my mind – transform my mind.

It is so true the modified methods enable me to be calmer in mind.

I believe my healthiness will be further improved after practising for a period of time.




Since then, I feel very warm in my heart chakra when I see sunsets for real or sunshine in any photos.

It is easier to visualize sunrises or sunsets in my mind after gazing sun for 7 successive days.

The similar or same effect appears when I visualize sunrises or sunsets in my mind.

It is important to connect ourselves with the Sun and the Earth.

We can connect with the Sun and the Earth anytime as long as we believe we can.

It is just our perceptions and values which decide whether we can make it happen or not.

This is the theory which I have learnt from Qi Gong.


Nature (Sun, Earth, Mountains, Seas) give us Qi or energy generously.

When we are connected with Nature, we will be energized by Nature any time. 

The only thing we need to do is to cultivate our mind so that we focus on every action we do.

Then, Qi or energy can penetrate our bodies any time authomatically.

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