As Within, So Without

18 Mar 2016  Posted in Spirituality

“There is a mirror around everyone.”

I am unsure what the speaker meant when he said that.

It may imply that the people around me like mirrors.

Their attitudes, emotions and behaviours are reflecting my personal characters and my mind.

Then, I learnt there is the Spiritual Law “As Within, So Without.”.

It seems the “mirror” theory explains the meaning of “As Within, So Without.”.


Between 2005 and 2012, my mind was full of dissatisfaction.

The dissatisfactions were partly caused my attachment and the workplace in past.

Around 2012, I told one of my friends “I was complaining a lot in past. I have eliminated this habit (through practising Presuppositions of NLP). ”

My friend answered “Yes, I remembered that and you don’t complain much now.”

As Within, So Without - When I was complaining constantly, I met a few ex colleagues who were shouting at me.


Since 2014, my life has being changed.

No one is shouting me.

Last years, a few people praised me.

All of they said the same thing – you are very nice.

One of them was joking saying “You are so nice that we want to hire you.”

The other said “I rarely meet a person as nice as you are.”

I personally have not realized this point.

I just try to do my best and help others when they need help.  I help others whoever they are.

I keep apply this principle at my work place and on my friends.

[Note: in some cases, karmic debtors give me “signals” (headaches) that I cannot help him or her.  If so, I will not help.   Otherwise, I will try to help.]


I like simple and quiet lifestyle.

It is because in past, the workplaces were filled with office politics.

I did not hate people who created office politics but I naturally ignored the office politics and isolated myself in the workplace.

Through mind cultivation and spiritual practices, my mind has fewer expectations and become relatively peaceful.

Therefore, I was attracted by the current workplace now.

At the beginning, I was working with a nice boss.

Now, I am working alone in my workplace.   It is serene like my mind.

I fill my mind with peace so I work in a quiet place.

In my case, cultivating a peaceful mind will lead to a peaceful workplace.


Because of the change of my mind, the type of friends who I am seeing constantly has been changed too.

In past, I was seeing a small group of friends whom I met in schools.

Sometimes, I met my ex-colleagues.  

For a period of time, I had gatherings with a group of “spiritual” friends every week.

Recently, I have not seen most of them for years.

There are 3 or 4 “spiritual” friends whom I meet constantly – once or twice a month.

When my mind becomes more calm, my vibration / frequency has been changed too.

Therefore, I will see friends, whose frequencies are similar to mine, more than others.

That is a dramatic change for me as in past, I had been seeing the same group of friends for years.

The friends, who I see constantly now, are having relative calm mind.

This really reflects the status of my mind too – it is just a like mirror.

I can still go to see friends whose frequencies are greatly different from mine.

Strangely, they just cannot meet me or they meet me for a short time.




Our mind manifests our world.

Life can be improved through mind transformation and cultivation.

It can be started with detachment of the concept Me.

No one can help to transmute your mind except yourself.

Your life will be changed when you have started to let go.

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