Appearances Are Delusive

27 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

There are three dreams in everyone’s life – living, sleeping and dying.

In past, I lived in reality as I believed in my perception based on my five senses.


Matters are perceived by our five senses –

seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.


In 2012, I wore a pendant, which pulled cosmic energy from the sky and injected the energy into my body, to heal my weak body.

Then, I have started understanding “Seeing is deceiving.”

I saw sound in form of lights moving around twice.

I felt strong electronic magnetic waves emitting from mobile phones.

It was totally different reality which was not perceived by most people.


All appearances are vain and delusive



[       Appearances refer to concepts and phenomena. 


       Concepts of “you” and “I”

        –     Everyone is an individual entity so there are something called your opinions and my opinion.


      Phenomenon generated from a belief

       –  Once, I suggested a friend to stop giving negative assumptions on people but my friend did not understand this point.

           Since then, I kept recalling why my friend did not understand it for three months.

           I attached to my view which created adversely effect on my mind. 

           If I had gone too far, this view would have generated hatred too.            ]


We have seen, touched, heard, smelled and tasted substances but we have learnt through experiences.

If we believe the experiences are real, it is similar to believe experiences in our dreams.



Blog video About Truths


The purpose of quoting this blog video is to explain why all appearances are vain and delusive.

I have no intention to judge whether the comments of this blog video or the related blog posts are right or wrong.

I do not mean to be offensive to readers who agree or disagree with her blog video and blog posts.


2 days ago, I watched a Blog video which a blogger has stated some people dissatisfied with her blog posts.

People complained that she was labeling people as spiritual and not spiritual.

Some people got insulted by that.

The blogger pointed out in her blog video that she was explaining the truths she has observed.

She was sharing this view without her ego.


Her blog posts are well defined the behaviours of spiritual and not spiritual people.

The definitions and explanations can help readers to understand spiritual behaviours so that they can follow the behaviours and become spiritual people.

When readers become spiritual people, their lives will be improved.

Based on my observation, this seems to be the purpose of the blogger to share her views of this topic.


We are learning and practising based on the definitions but our mind shall open to other beliefs and knowledge.

Otherwise, our beliefs and values are fixed forming set patterns of thinking.



Perceptions and Assumptions


People assumed the blogger was labeling people as spiritual and not spiritual without confirming this view with the blogger.

When people have strong beliefs, other facts will be ignored and declined.

It is because everyone has unique background and experience.

Due to different cultural dimensions, events and words are interpreted differently.

Reality is filtered when everyone is perceiving reality.

Therefore, there are attachments of your views of spiritual and not spiritual people & my views of labeling people.

These may be turning into hatred if people are deceived by these phenomena.



People create meanings to everything.

People are called spiritual and not spiritual as defined.

There are spiritual people because there are non spiritual people in the same place.

There are non spiritual people because there are spiritual people in the same place.

Without spiritual people, all non spiritual people become common people.

The behaviours of spiritual people create a “ruler” to measure how spiritual a person is.

If this “ruler” is taken away, people are just people.


This “ruler” is an important tool to refine our mind.

When we learn to be a more spiritual person, we can use this “ruler” to measure our mind to improve.

We can also use it to measure others to observe how other people behave.

This observation is to merely define from whom we can learn the truths.

However, we shall not criticize others based on this observation.

If we do criticize others, we will be accountable for the consequences we will have in future.





What happens on us this lives are related to behaviour of this lives or past lives.

This is the Law of Cause and Effect.

It is very subtle and hidden knowledge.

We can also observe and study phenomena to verify this Universal Law.

If we understand the truths, we will be enlightened.

We will be waking up from a dream of life.




To wake ourselves up, we can be contemplating…


       Why am I being complained?

       Am I really labeling the people?

        Is there a chance that people really get insulted by my posts?

        What is the hidden urge pushing me to complain the blogger?

        Is it my belief?  Is it hatred from my unconscious mind?

        What is the purpose of the blogger writing these?


Someone let go of attachment to his hatred caused by his childhood tragedy after being taught by five spiritual masters.

However, how many people in the world are so lucky to be taught by one spiritual master for a period of time?

Without a spiritual teacher, self reviewing constantly is a method to discover attachments to self in order to improve and refine our mind.


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