Announcement: Statements of I Ching 64 Hexagrams And Divination method

30 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

I am going to build web pages providing free information of

n   How to do divination to draw the number of 64 Hexagrams in I Ching with two coins and a dice yourselves

n   How to confirm the number is correct yourselves

n   Statements of I Ching 64 Hexagrams


I will publish the pages one by one when each page is ready.


The purpose of providing free information about I Ching and divining ritual is to enable everyone to solve questions about their lives themselves.

Once the number of hexagrams is finalized through divination, everyone can read the statement from this website.

The statement provides solutions and situations which you are encountering right now.

It becomes the references for you to solve the questions or to decide what to do next.


I am not asking anyone to be superstitious.

This is to help others to connect with heaven and get suggestions or projections from it when you really need it.

You can also learn ancient Chinese wisdom which can shape your lives so that everyone can stand on his or her own feet.


Explaining 64 Hexagrams: Systemic And Intuitive Approach

There are two approaches to decipher the meanings of each hexagram of I Ching

They are systemic approach and intuitive approach.


Systemic approach is to explain each hexagram based on the statements written by ancient Chinese gurus.

This website will follow this approach and provide the statements with explanations.


Intuitive approach is to explain each hexagram based on images popped up in the mind of the one who does divination.

Ones have to do a kind of spiritual practices to form oneness between heaven and men to get divine orders.

Once they have divine orders, they will be able to receive historical information and suggestions through images in their mind.


For most people, it is more easy to understand the meaning of a hexagram through systemic approach.

Therefore, this website will provide a divination method and the statements of 64 hexagrams.

It is different for Chinese to understand the statements.

Therefore, I will try to make the statements more simple and easy for foreigners to understand.


There are a few experiences which I got projections from I Ching Hexagrams to solve my issues.

One of them is about working in a new company.


Hexagram 21 "Biting" 

Once I was going to join a new company selling ingredients for making breads and desserts.

In the second job interview, I knew two staff of this company had resigned.

One of them was working in Singapore. The situation was strange for me. 

Therefore, I ask “Why has the staff working in Singapore resigned?”

I intuitively drew a number of a hexagram describing a mouth biting food.


“When we bite food, we have to be careful whether there are bones of a fish or sands inside intestines of a clam.”


I did not understand this until I was working in the company.

At the first day of the job, a colleague had told me the whole situation about the staff working in Singapore.

The staff , who was working in Singapore, needed to endure to meet her boss’s requirements.

A mouth biting food was an accurate description of her situation stating in the company, there were issues which were difficult to be solved.


How to solve the issues?

The statement also suggests when encountering difficult issues, he or she needs to be very smart and decisive.

One, who has to apply the carrot and stick judiciously, to be proactive and smart and to be able to examine the tiniest things, can manage difficult issues.  This suggestion will be very helpful when someone does not know what to do.

I Ching 64 Hexagrams teaches me to live with difficult issues.

I hope the coming web pages of free information about I Ching 64 Hexagrams can help readers to solve their issues.

I Ching 64 Hexagrams

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