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19 Jan 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

In April 2014, the main objective of building this website was sharing information and knowledge about spirituality in order to improve life and change one’s destiny.

I have been writing blogs since Jane 2014.

For a period of time, I wrote three posts a week.

Now, I would like to announce….


l   I will write 0 posts or 1 post per week.

l   And I will publish two translated statements of I-Ching Hexagrams every week.

Blog Posts

Numbers of posts published has been decreased as writing a blog post with good quality is more important.

In future, I will try my best to input more scientific evidences for the spiritual topics I will write.

I will be learning how to write a better post and deliver more information required by readers.

Right now, I am still learning how to improve the quality of my blog posts.

Recently, I have less impulse to write posts as there are a few changes in my life.

I love writing and reading.

At the moment, I am more interested in beholding the world and analyzing the meaning of truths.

If there is no inspiration, it is better to postpone publishing a blog.

I like sharing information and knowledge about how to improve one’s life so that readers will improve their lives too.

Therefore, I will keep writing posts although it is not as many posts as I am used to publish.

Statements Of I-Ching Hexagrams

Since November 2014, I have started translating statements of I-Ching Hexagrams as I find out it is a very useful self-help tool to solve problems of our lives.

There are many translated versions of I-Ching Hexagrams.

The statements I am translating are originally written in Contemporary Chinese instead of Old Chinese.

I find it is easy to understand and it is very expressive when it comes to answering my questions.

Therefore, I have started the translation of I-Ching statements.

I plan to speed up and finish the translation in 6 months.

Once, it is finished, I will then write posts for explaining the statements with information or personal experiences.

It is difficult for users to understand the statements when they are expressed through ancient stories or metaphors.

When foreigners try to use I-Ching Divination, they may find the statements more difficult to understand in this case.

Therefore, more supplementary explanations will be published in this website in future.


Besides I-Ching statements, I-Ching hexagram can be applied on spiritual practices.

It can be applied on healing a patient too.

It is a thing which is beyond modern knowledge.

I am unsure whether I will have a chance to learn more about it.

Therefore, there is no plan to publish more posts about this.


I-Ching is helpful to improve one’s life.

When I am more available to read, I will spend more time studying I-Ching.

Meanwhile, I plan to develop more posts and web pages about I-Ching.

My goal is to provide the information of I-Ching which is user friendly and easy to understand.


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