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When I have started using essential oil, I have heard some interesting conversations about essential oil.


“This essential oil blends smell strong.”

“That means you need to use it.”

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It expresses a very important concept and practice which some spiritual people will suggest – do something you really dislike.

Something shall be legal, beneficial and good deeds.

For example, if one is very introvert and does not speak to others, try to talk to a stranger on the street.


Personally, I did not like to speak and talk to others.

However, when I have left schools and work for any company, I have to communicate with colleagues and users.

The working environment and the society pushed me to open my mouth and speak more.

After years of working for 3 or 4 companies, I have become a person who can talk to any stranger of any background any time.

Although I will not initiate the speech so often, I will do so when necessary.  

This process is unintentionally but life provides a very good place to practice the truths and nurture our mind at anywhere.

Do something you really dislike will develop your potentiality and enlighten your mind.

This is called on cultivation.


In the book “Foundations of Co-Creation – Alchemical Practices for Self-Realization”, it shows 12 symbols.

Each symbol has its unique characters.

Read all symbols and find out the symbol the reader likes most by ranking.

Ask why this symbol is more adorable and another symbol is annoying.

Through this exercise, the reader will understand himself and herself.

This is a way to evolve by loving all symbols.

This is the manifestation of love and kindness to all people.


Similarly, essential oils of different plants and flowers have different smells.

Some really like Lavender and Peppermint but may dislike Ylang Ylang or Jasmine.

When we are on cultivation, we learn to love essential oil of any plants and flowers.

This can be a first step to build up acceptance in our mind.


We can also smell a range of essential oil and list their unique characters.

Observe all acquaintances and try to find a type of essential oil to represent every acquaintance.

Think about the types of essential oil which balance the characters of every acquaintance.

(We can also find a type of essential oil to represent ourselves too and do the processes mentioned previously.)

This process can help readers to understand themselves and accept all acquaintances.


How to formulate a method to cultivate our mind?


1.         Look for a hobby or something in which you are interested. (This hobby must be beneficial and good deeds.)

2.         Learn it through your five sensors – look at it, smell it, taste it, hear it and touch it, and practise.

3.         Observe your mind and your body throughout the whole process.

4.         Improve the performance if you have found out any issues.


This will transform yourselves indirectly and you will accept more things which are outside the mainstream of doctrines.

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