About YH

My name is YH.  Once, my job was exhausting, full of conflicts and arguments leading to accumulation of emotion in my mind.  They were a kind of energy nurturing various diseases in my body.

Irritation relationship with colleagues and diseases pushed me to look for a happy life.  Learning positive thinking, spiritual energy healing and spirituality, I transformed my life into a harmonious and abundant one.


I create this website www.elatelife.com to share some of my stories.  I hope these stories will empower you and help you to find your path.

My Life in Past

I was an average person and could accomplished most of my wants in my childhood. 

Since I had become an employee, I learnt to work and live independently.

Every time I worked for a company, the story line was almost the same.  I faced issues related to relationship at workplace and health. I worked 9 - 11 hours per day. 

Reminiscing about my life in past, I asked myself:

  • What did I do when there was Draining Relationship?
  • What were the consequences if I listened to my Ego and attached to my Emotion?
  • How did Positive Thinking eliminate oppositions at work place?
  • How did I heal my mind and body though Forgiveness and Sympathy?
  • How did I turn my life around though Learning Spirituality and Subtle Energy?

Consequence of Being Silent: 
Draining Relationships

After graduated from a college, superiors with who I was working uttered dissatisfactions because I was unable to catch up with the pace of work they had expected me to follow.   They vented their opinions by shouting at me.   I understood their requirements, remained silent and finished jobs for which I was responsible.  I worked for different companies and the situations were the same.

One day, I was working in a department similar to a police station without authority.   Without thorough communication internally, our tasks and requests evoked the mood of anger inside and outside my team. 

When my colleagues were "shouting" at me through voice or e-mails, I kept my mouth shut.  When my teammates insisted to do a job in a certain way, I tried different tools to change vainly the situation.  This kind of draining relationship and being silent deteriorated me physically and mentally.

Causes of Diseases: Ego & Emotion

As one of my teammate disagreed with my suggestion, we had conflicts from time to time.  I was anger with my teammate for years.  Eventually, a fear of inaccuracy had developed in my mind.     I checked some tasks I had done in the office or at home for more than 5 times.  This reduced my job efficiency and prolonged the duration of my working hours in the office.


When I insisted to overcome the issues about relationship with colleagues, I was sitting in the office incorrectly for a long time.  After number of years, I had got bone spurs on my spine.  It was cured but my spine was injured after a trial of a yoga class.   Spinal inflammation came and went away unexpectedly.  Afterwards, I had eye flashes, eye floaters and eczema.  I read books about health, practiced Qi Gong and changed my diet to get rid of these diseases but I never truly recovered from these diseases.


One day,  on my way back to the office, I had sever back pain suddenly that I walked slowly like a turtle.  I visited a doctor of Chinese medicines and knew that I had the displacement of some spinal bones.  Undergone several treatments, my spinal bones were set back to the normal position.  I still had eye floaters and eczema but they were less severe.

Recalling this experience now, I had an opportunity to leave the office but my Ego of accepting challenges kept me working in this office and I underestimated the power of emotion hidden in my mind  .

Craving for a Happy Life: Positive Thinking and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I lived in a vicious cycle.  I had diseases facing oppositions in my work place constantly.   It reached the peak that I thought “I want to change my life!”.  

By that time, I went into a public library and came across a book about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).   I followed the beliefs stated in the book and transformed my mind into a positive one.   I also made positive conversations with anyone so that my colleagues understood I was there to help.  

It was a long time battle of my mind.  Gradually, my mind filled up with positive ideas while I discovered the opposition in my work place was fading away.

Positive Thinking attracts positive people and events. There is an invisible mirror in front of you reflecting “What You Are Thinking of”.

Turning Point
: Forgiveness and Sympathy

My superior had a performance review meeting with me.  It was different from the previous meetings.   He asked me whether I was interested in working in other departments.   Based on my observation and speculation, I would leave the company soon.


During the meeting, I remembered my superior said

“I hope I will not do [that] one day”. 

I consoled him and replied

“If you got to do [it] one day, I would have forgiven you.”. 

At that moment, I thought “Poor my superior.   He is a breadwinner of his family so he has to reluctantly follow the decision of the management team.”. 

I realized 

  • I had forgiven everyone with who I was angry including my superior.
  • I had tried to put myself in his own shoe which was called sympathy.
  • I had totally thrown my hatred away. 

Forgiveness is the one of the best medicines to heal one’s mind.


Healing: Learning Spirituality and Subtle Energy

Afterwards, I wore a pendant which could shield my body from Electromagnetic Field radiated from computers causing diseases.  Then, my eyes were less tired although I was watching the monitor of my personal computer in the office at least 7 hours a day.

I start interested in spirituality and energy.  I enrolled some courses to learn alternative healing methods which cured inflammation and cold for my parents and me several times.  

In one of the courses, I met a person who taught me spiritual practices.  Through spiritual practice i.e. reading mantras and scriptures, eczema let me and relationship with colleagues was changed.... You will find some of these stories in my blog .

My New Life

I learn through surfing websites, reading books or when I go out with friends.  With guidance of a expert, I offer advice to the people who need help in the issues about love, career, finance, health, etc..  They remind me that there are many people suffering in the world.   


I am happy with my life now.  I also hope others will be happy and abundant.  I create this web to share my experience of finding this type of happiness.


Life is full of hopes and miracles.  I hope my stories will inspire you.  

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All the Best to You!


YH of www.ElateLife.com