A Dark Night Of the Soul 

27 Sep 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

“A Dark Night Of the Soul” was not a popular phase and concept in Asia.

I firstly read this phase in a blog of a western girl.

Then, it was stated in spiritual books.

Recently, I read this phase in a book again.

It was an alien phase to me so I studied and researched about it.



A Dark Night of the Soul

John of the Cross defined it as spiritual alienation - It seemed he firstly discussed about it.

It is a kind of spiritual epidemic.

It is the situation of someone who has gone through many negative events.

Those negative events have put a person to the dead end of the road mentally.

Those events are wedges of one’s lives.

Due to those events, one is forced to review what his or her soul needs.

Then, his or her soul is transformed.

Therefore, it is similar to a dark night before a sunrise.



This situation can be explained through the transformation process of our mind.


In psychology, everyone has three types of mind


Conscious Mind (Mind):

It is related to selfhood.   It rules choice and will of yourself.

Sub-conscious Mind (Body):

It is related to physical (material) world.  Negative emotion is resided in there.


Super-conscious Mind (Spirit):

It is related to divinity of spiritual world.  It is full of love and wisdom. 


When a Dark Night of the Soul starts, negative events happen.

The experience of wedges indicates super-conscious energy is flooding and flowing into one’s conscious mind.

In this stage, one will search for help through spirituality and alternative healing.

A conscious mind will attract more negative energy resided in a sub-conscious mind.

The negative energy is floating up to the surface.

It will be turning into obstacles and negative events in one’s life.


Then, a conscious mind is exposed to an extremely super-conscious energy.

Amid negative events and obstacles, a conscious mind is awakened.

Hence, a person will be transformed and it will become a step of spiritual awakening.


A Dark Night of the Soul can happen more than one time in a person’s life.

It is similar to spiritual awakening as everyone has different level of spiritual awakening too.




This concept is similar to one of the stages (Separation) in Alchemy which is an ancient science and the art of transmutation in order to enhance the quality of either metal or human soul.

This stage is symbolized by one of the elements, Wind.

It is a mental process to cultivate one’s mind in order to identify things without personal criticism.

Our mind is refined to be lucid and fairly identify things based on our positions and roles so that we can admire diversity.


It is also similar to Wind Trial in Initiation of occult science.

During Initiation, a person will experience trials of Fire, Water and Wind.

In Wind trial, one is tackling issues based on his or her true self.

He or she is trained not to rely on support of spiritual world and psychic power.

If he or she has passed the trial, a person will go one step closer to assess knowledge of the Higher Worlds.


A Dark Night of the Soul, Separation Stage in Alchemy and Wind Trial in Initiation of occult science encourage a person to transform one’s mind.

If you transform your mind, your lives will be changed.

In the East, transforming one’s mind is generally a main spiritual practice.

However, it is presented and explained in different perspectives.

A Dark Night of the Soul is still not a popular concept in the East.

Rapid development of technology increases globalization so more people in the East can access and learn the concept of a Dark Night of the Soul through books and internet.





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